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19.12.18 – League Update U9-U10 Divisional Cups

To all Member Clubs

Following a number of queries regarding the number of players permitted to be entered on a team sheet at U9 and U10.

The League have reviewed this and due to the Rules not being explicit, the decision has been reached to allow up to 12 squad players to be entered on a team sheet for the 2018-2019 Divisional Cup Competition.

You are however reminded that only 10 players (out of the possibly named 12) can be taken to any Cup match and all of whom must play 50% of the total match time.  This includes the Finals.

It is further reiterated, that once team sheets have been submitted you will be unable to change the boys/girls between the teams for the Divisional Cups (this does not apply to League games).  As previously advised new signings will be able to be added providing permitted numbers aren’t exceeded.

I will arrange for players removed to be added back in.

I hope this clarifies the situation

Carole Marshall
Mid Herts Rural Minors League
07958 924 555